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Calvary Chapel Association

Simply Teaching the Bible Simply

120 North Gaines Road
Cedar Creek, Texas  78612

Sunday Morning Service 10:30 a.m.

  1. Managing Director

Pastor Dennis

     Pastor Dennis accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior at age 12. As a new believer he began to pursue Christ and those who could disciple him. During this pursuit, there were times he was very close to the Lord and times he moved far away from Him. After being involved in different churches and church movements Pastor Dennis began to study the Bible for context and continuity. He also began to use what is called the “inductive study method”. Using this method of study he began to learn that God continues to speak to us today through His word. He learned that context of the scripture is paramount to learning and understanding the God of the Bible and His plan for my life.
For 10 years, (1985 to 1995), Dennis travelled in his business and had the opportunity to hear Pastor Chuck Smith and many Calvary Chapel pastors teach over the radio. There were times when driving from appointment to appointment that he was able to hear Pastor Chuck teach the same lesson, at different times, in one day on different radio stations. It was during this travel time that Pastor Dennis grew in his knowledge of the word and in his obedience to the scriptures.
In 1994 Dennis and his wife Laurie began to attend Calvary Chapel in Austin, Texas.  They attended Calvary twice a week, traveling over an hour to hear Pastor Allen Rigg teach verse by verse through the bible. They got involved in a home group that met once a week for bible study. Pastor Dennis also became involved in men’s ministry and Laurie in women’s ministry. Then, Pastor Dennis began to teach in men’s ministry and teach in home fellowships. He then served as a teaching elder and helped grow home fellowships and other ministries, as the Lord was leading him. 

In 1996 Pastor Dennis was ordained and left the business world to plant Calvary Chapel Rio Grande Valley in Harlingen, Texas. Over the next 10 years the church grew both spiritually and numerically. He also started a bible study in neighboring McAllen, Texas that eventually was turned over to a Pastor to begin Calvary Chapel McAllen. Pastor Dennis also helped a Baptist pastor in the neighboring city of San Benito become a Calvary Chapel as well as helping establish a mission in Mexico called Pan de Vida which took homeless children off the streets and gave them shelter, food and a Christian education. 

In January 2008 Pastor Dennis began to seek the Lord about sending out his assisting Pastor to plant a Calvary Chapel. It was during a time of prayer the Lord spoke to his heart that he would not be sending his assistant but that the Lord was sending him out to plant another Calvary. That year Pastor Dennis began to seek the Lord about where He would have him plant His church and also when to turn the ministry in Harlingen over to his assisting pastor. In January 2009 Pastor Dennis and Laurie moved to Bastrop, Texas and began the Lord’s work in planting Calvary Chapel Bastrop.   

Currently Calvary Chapel Bastrop meets at 120 North Gaines Road in Cedar Creek, TX.  Pastor Dennis invites you to attend a Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. for a contemporary worship service and a relevant verse by verse teaching through the scriptures.